ROBOTECH Technical Files

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Southern Cross Light Veritech Cycles


Hargun Back Hargun Back

Hargun Back Views - Battloid & Cycle

Hargun Cockpit Hargun Cockpit Cutaway

Hargun Cockpit Views

Hargun Emerging

Hargun emerging from HGV truck


MODAT Battloid Back

MODAT Battloid Back View

MODAT Cockpit MODAT Open Cockpit

MODAT Cockpit Views


Garland Battloid Back Garland Cycle Back

Garland - Rear View - Battloid & Cycle

Strike Garland Battloid Back

Strike Garland - Rear View


N-1 Net Launcher

N-1 Net Launcher


45mm GU-21 Recoilless Rifle, with attached N-2 Net Launcher

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