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Battle-Class Vessel Image Gallery

Southern Cross Seal REF Seal
First Assault Wave - Front
Naval Separator

Battles prepping at Fokker Battle landing at the Moon

Battles on the surface

Battle launching from the 
moon Battle launching from the moon
Battle bottom turrets at 
Moon Battle landing at the 
Battle Bottom Sideslipping Battle top view
Battle - Rear Oblique Battle thrusters - Rear 

Battle thrusters

Battle ramp launch
Battle & Banshees 
launching from Fokker Battles, 
Banshee, and Gremlin launching from Fokker
Battle & Banshee in Vertical 
Launch First Assault Wave Fleet of 
Battles & Banshees Launching

Battles and Banshees - Launching

Battle UES Midway prepping for 
launch Battle UES Midway prepping for 

Battle UES Midway & Banshee preparing for Launch

Battle under fire Battle landed  near Luna Base
Battle Main Battery

Battle RG-60 about to fire

Battle top view Battle Top Deck
Battle Front oblique view

Battle - Oblique Front View

Battle Front Oblique
Battle escorting 
Predators - side view

Battle & Predators - Side View

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