ROBOTECH Technical Files
by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern


Silencer (A,B)

RDF Seal REF Seal
ArmorWeapon Separator

Type : Long range anti-AWACS missile.
Service history : 2003-2022, RDF Air Force, Navy.
Length : 389 cm.
Diameter : 34 cm.
Wingspan : 520 cm.
Weight : 514 kg.
Warhead : (A,B) HE blast/fragmentation.
Weight/yield : 90 kg.
Propulsion : Rocket/ramjet.
Guidance : Multi-band passive radar homing, IR and inertial with midcourse update.
Max speed : Mach 5.5
Range : (A) 350 km.
(B) 410 km.
Platforms : Avenger, Executioner, Valkyrie, Bat.

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