ROBOTECH Technical Files
by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

Designation:Terran codename: Zentraedi Seal
Seraum Awhaug MPA-5A Moloch-HE,
Seraum Awhaug-thatzs MPA-5B Moloch-plasma,
Seraum Awhaug-liman MPA-5C Moloch-cluster,
Seraum Awhaug-likran MPA-5D Moloch-nuclear,
Seraum Awhaug-juugtak MPA-5E Moloch-mine,
Seraum Touwhaug MPA-5F Moloch-DFRAG.
Moloch HAP missile
ArmorWeapon Separator

Type : Long range mecha launched multi-purpose missile.
Service history : Entered service around 1520 AD.
Length : (A,B,D) 412 cm.
(C,E,F) 439 cm.
Diameter : (all) 79.1 cm.
Wingspan : 2056 cm.
Weight : (A,B) 1475 kg.
(C,E) 1510 kg.
(D) 1367 kg.
(F) 1612 kg.
Warhead : (A) HE blast/fragmentation.
(B) Plasma.
(C) Cluster.
(D) Nuclear.
(E) Mine submunitions cluster.
(F) Directed fragmentation.
Weight/yield : (A,B,F) 721 kg.
(C) 35 x Glatrlan Diwhaug-liman(MPA-6B Maggot) missile.
(D) 34 kT.
(E) 56 x 13 kg anti-mecha mine.
Propulsion : (A-E) Ramjet with rocket booster.
(F) Liquid rocket engine.
Guidance : Combined inertial, active radar and IIR.
Max speed : Mach 2.2.
Range : (A,B) 210 km.
(C,E) 195 km.
(D) 291 km.
(F) 4.2 kps delta-v.
Platforms : Regult Heavy Artillery Pod.


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