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Sig Sauer
M-37 "Weasel" 9x21mm Pistol

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M-37 Weasel Pistol
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Based upon the Sig Sauer 220 series pistols of the late twentieth-century, and sold commercially as the Sig 310 (9x21mm), Sig 311 (9x19mm), Sig 314 (.40 caliber), and Sig 319 (.45 caliber), this weapon became (and remains to this day) the standard conventional police and security pistol for military and civilian use alike. Though it was first on the market in 2012, the weapon was not officially adopted by any military until 2020, when the RDF was looking for a conventional slug-firing sidearm to replace the aging Beretta 92 as a complement to the Owens energy sidearm. Soon after, the Southern Cross issued this weapon as the standard conventional sidearm for infantry officers, and the GMP used it as the standard sidearm for unarmored Enforcement Corps police. Equipped with a rugged frame, reliable action and feed, and made from extremely corrosion-resistant alloys, this gun is widely considered to be the pinnacle of traditional automatic pistol design.

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