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RRG - Monument City
PR-30 Pulse Particle Beam Assault Rifle

Southern Cross Seal
PR-30 Pulse Particle Beam Assault Rifle
ArmorWeapon Separator

ATAC Sergeant, holding a PR-30 with aperture collimator attached

A radical departure from the PR-25's design, the PR-30 was built to be a true beam assault rifle. Compact, and equipped with a standard variable (1x to 3x power) scope, the PR-30 was reasonably accurate at most combat ranges, and with its standard wide slit aperture, delivered devastating damage, though with limited penetration. In addition, the weapon was issued with a double-cylinder collimating barrel, to improve the weapon's effective penetration and range. The ability to selectively alter the weapon's yield was added to permit the shooter to budget his energy magazine, while balancing the need for additional weapon yield on demand. The PR-30 was immediately accepted as the standard assault rifle of the Southern Cross, and was adopted by virtually every branch in some capacity.

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