ROBOTECH Technical Files
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RRG - Brisbane
PR-25 Particle Carbine

Southern Cross Seal
TC-Recon soldiers; enlisted man on the left holds a PR-25
ArmorWeapon Separator

A desire to replace the ungainly P-20 led the Southern Cross' Robotech Research Groups to develop a new generation of particle beam carbine. The prototype finally adopted was developed by the underfunded maverick team of engineers in the neglected RRG facility in Brisbane. Essentially upgrading the P-20's mechanism while increasing yield and capacity, and by placing the entire system in a more ergonomic package, the PR-25 was an immediate hit with the appropriations board, and the PR-25 was soon accepted as the standard carbine for all Southern Cross armies, leaving only a few of its energy-carbine predecessors, the P-20 and LR-20, in service - mainly with out-of-the-way units.

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