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RRG - Tokyo
P-20 Variable Aperture Particle Carbine

Southern Cross Seal
P-20 Variable Aperture Particle Carbine
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P-20 Particle Carbine - My Anime June 1984 Insert

The ungainly-looking P-20 particle beam carbine was one of the more bizarre and innovative weapons to be designed for the Southern Cross. It was never a popular weapon, especially because it was difficult to hold and aim, but it was a ground-breaker among Terran energy weapons. Powerful and deadly, the P-20 paved the way for the more impressive rifles of half a decade later. One of the most interesting features of this weapon was its exchangeable beam emitter core. Three different cores were developed for this gun; and affected the penetration capabilities of the beam by changing the beam diameter. The first beam emitter had a 70mm diameter aperture, and sacrificed penetration for devastating trauma to an unarmored opponent. The second employed three 6mm beams in a three-round burst - offering excellent penetration but more limited trauma to the target. The third aperture was 25mm in diameter and served as a compromise. Despite its importance in the development of beam weapons on Earth, the P-20 never saw wide service, though some examples were to be found in both the Alpha Tactical Armored Corps and the Tactical Armored Space Corps, and it was already rare before the end of the Second Robotech War.

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