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Monument Arms
M-39 "Mesa Eagle" .44 Magnum Gas-Operated Pistol

Southern Cross Seal
M-39 Mesa Eagle
ArmorWeapon Separator

Soon after the Sig 310 was accepted by the Southern Cross and REF as the M-37 "Weasel", Monument Arms - a new company founded in the wake of the Zentraedi Holocaust - offered a high-caliber alternative. The "Mesa Eagle" owed much (including its name) to the then-defunct Magnum Research's "Desert Eagle" gas-operated pistol. Built with rugged design and a hammerless action (based on Smith and Wesson's earlier Sigma), and a dial-style safety (taken from the "Weasel"), the "Mesa Eagle" was chambered for one of the largest rounds available - the .44 Magnum, which could occasionally penetrate the heavier modern armors, and even when it could not, would deliver enormous knock-down and blunt trauma. The M-39 was never widely adopted, but it was popular with some officers, despite its limited capacity and high recoil.

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