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Heckler & Koch
MP-9 9x21mm Machine Pistol

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MP-9 Machine Pistol
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Wolff with Owens gun
An RDF recruit fires an MP-9 in a training exercise. Note the two-handed firing stance.

Employing the more powerful hot 9mm Largo ammunition first developed in the 1990s, the MP-9 was inspired by the venerable British Sterling Mk 7 Paratrooper's Machine Pistol, but was built to be more comfortable to hold and fire as a single-shot pistol. Using a bolt based upon the pump-action shotguns of the previous decade which could accommodate both normal and magnum shells, this pistol could without modification fire both the 9x21mm Largo and the Parabellum 9x19mm round. Popular, it was purchased in large numbers, often served as a SWAT or anti-terrorist police sidearm, and was still very common as late as the 2050s. The RDF employed this weapon during the first Robotech War primarily as a military police sidearm, infantry support weapon, and mecha/armored vehicle crew sidearm, though it was sometimes issued in lieu of the Beretta 92 to officers in hazardous duty situations.

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