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RRG - Monument
M-42 .50CAP (Ceramic Automatic Pistol)

Southern Cross Seal
M-42 CAP
ArmorWeapon Separator

As materials technologies continued to develop, it became possible to produce a ceramic-metal composite pistol. The advantage of this technology was that it allowed the development of weapons that could not corrode, and were lighter than their traditional counterparts, but had all the strength of steel. The first service weapon built with this technology was the M-42. Firing a heavy armor-piercing .50CAP (Composite Automatic Pistol) round, and employing an internal hammerless action and an advanced roller-mounted barrel and delayed blowback slide for excellent recoil compensation, this weapon was immediately acquired by all branches of the Southern Cross, and the GMP's Enforcement Corps. Though the Weasel and Mesa Eagle continued to be used, especially in urban environments and training, the all-weather nature of the M-42 caused it to be accepted no later than 2027 as the standard field sidearm of most branches of the military. The M-42 was generally reliable, though some of the early models were machined improperly, leading to a slide that would jam shut. This problem was the only blight on an otherwise fine gun.

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