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Developed jointly by the RDF Army and the Armies of the Southern Cross, the CVR-1 was an attempt to develop a light-weight hard armor that could protect an individual soldier from the devastating weapons available to infantry both on Earth and Tirol at the time, and to provide some measure of protection from near-misses from mecha-mounted weaponry. Entering service in 2016, the CVR-1 was far more popular than the UNDF's old suit, and quickly replaced it in most front-line infantry units. As the young Southern Cross got on its feet, it also enthusiastically adopted the CVR-1 for its Tactical Corps troops, as did the independant Global Military Police for its Enforcement Corps police.

Despite its popularity, the CVR-1's days were numbered. Most of the armors in service with the RDF were transferred to the REF in 2020, and though it continued to be used until the introduction of the CVR-3, it was soon largely overshadowed by the REF's CVR-2 flexi-armor in all but the most heavy combat assignments. Furthermore, by 2023, the Southern Cross had largely switched to its more decorative full-body armors, and the CVR-1 was relegated to reserve units, and most notably, to the GMP troops assigned to the Robotech Research Center in Japan.

The CVR-1 is composed of a plastic-ceramic composite for maximal resistance to penetration and thermic explosive damage for minimal weight. The armor stops most small arms fire and grenade and shell fragments, and provides poor to fair resistance against heavier infantry weapons, such as a 12.7mm machinegun round. Vulnerable areas of the pilot are the upper arms, legs, and a small part of the abdomen and back. The armor consists of a light helmet, a breastplate with shoulder guards, forearm guards, and a groin harness.

The CVR-1 armor has the following features:

It is possible to wear an environment suit under the CVR armor, with the external consumables supply leads going through the CVR armor by way of special channels in the armor, after which they can plug into the mecha's life-support system or, for unmounted wearers, into a standard environmental supply backpack.

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