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Heckler & Koch/Bushmaster
AR-25 Wolverine 7.62x51mm Assault Rifle

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GMP soldier
A GMP soldier wields the AR-25 Wolverine in the course of his duties.

Although the 5.56mm AR-21 had been the primary assault rifle of the RDF during the First Robotech War, at its end the RDF saw the need for a heavier conventional assault rifle, using an updated version of the excellent 7.62mm NATO round. As originally conceived during the 1960s, the 5.56mm round was lighter, meaning that a soldier could carry more rounds for the same weight; it also had less recoil to allow for more accurate automatic fire. However, recoil compensation technology had improved considerably over the last 50 years. More importantly, the larger size of the 7.62mm cartridge meant that it could deliver a greater armor-piercing or explosive payload with greater force, which was deemed critically necessary for penetration of the sort of body armor that enemy soldiers were expected to wear.

After considering several competing bids, the RDF elected to adopt the Heckler & Koch/Bushmaster AR-25 Wolverine as their standard infantry rifle. Versatile and rugged, the Wolverine has a number of features that haved proven advantageous through its REF service. It is able to fire standard, armor-piercing, or explosive rounds that are capable of penetrating personal body armor; it can also mount an optional 40mm grenade launcher or 12-gauge shotgun in an over-under configuration to provide additional firepower in a variety of situations, and can be adapted for sniper work as necessary.

In service with the REF, the Wolverine was available in two chief variants: the AR-25A1 Squad Automatic Weapon, which included a heavier barrel and usually a forearm grip and bipod for easier handling during rapid fire, and the AR-25A2 (pictured) which was limited to three-round bursts. The Wolverine was also available as a carbine with a much shorter barrel, but this variant was not used by the REF.

Another Wolverine-bearing GMP soldier.

The Wolverine saw limited use within the Southern Cross, most frequently in the hands of the Global Military Police; by and large the Southern Cross preferred the lighter 5.56mm FA5 for anti-personnel and police work and their LR- and PR-series energy weapons for anti-armor. However, it served with distinction as the REF's primary infantry rifle until the introduction of the FAL-2 and Gallant in the late 2020s, and continues to be used in antipersonnel roles, police work, and situations where the use of energy weapons is contraindicated.

Although many Wolverines found their way to anti-Invid Resistance fighters, they were rarely used in direct action against the Invid due to the scarcity of the special anti-armor loads necessary to damage Invid armor and its inability to pose a threat to larger Invid mecha. Many of these weapons still remain in civilian hands.

NOTE: As the result of an unfortunate misprint in a 2046 commercial publication, the fully-assembled Owens gun system is often misidentified as the AR-25 Wolverine assault rifle.

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