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Trilobite-class Command Frigate

Invid Sensor Eye
Trilobite Command Ship
Naval Separator

Names and disposition:

Ship's Complement:


Length:1.4W meters
Width:W meters
Height:x meters
Mass:x metric tons.
Trilobite Fleet - Rear

Propulsion Systems:

Trilobite Command Ship Weapon Array

Endurance and mobility limits:

Weapon Systems:

Special Equipment:

Mecha Complement:

Trilobite Hangar


The Trilobite-class is the armed warship used by the Invid Regent's Forces in space combat to supplement their massed mecha swarms. These ships are also used by the Regent's forces as small mobile hives, with the organic brain computer providing the command and control system for the inorganic forces. The Trilobite is an advent of the Regent's forces to supplement the Hive Ship forces to act as forward supply and command posts for planetary invasions.

Interior view of Invid Trilobite Command Ship Hangar

The Trilobite-class has a large landing bay in the front of the ship used to land shuttles and launch drop ships.


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