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Tristar-class Vessel Image Gallery

Southern Cross Seal REF Seal
Tristar with Chimera escort
Naval Separator

Tristar - Side View
Tristar - Top view Tristar - Side View
Tristar - Nose Oblique view Tristar - Side Oblique View

Tristar views

Tristar - Lift off from Luna

Tristar liftoff from Luna

Tristar and Fleet - Front view

Tristar and Fleet - Front View

Tristar leading fleet Tristar leading fleet

Tristar and surviving fleet

Tristar - Front view Tristar - Front View
Tristar folding in Tristar - Fold in (53)

Tristar - Front views

Tristar folding in 2nd Tristar seen from Tristar Bridge

Tristar folding in

2nd Tristar seen from Tristar bridge

Tristar & Chimeras - Rear View Tristar - Rear View
Tristar launching in Atmosphere - Rear Oblique Tristar launching - Rear view
Tristar launching - Rear Sponson view Tristar launching - Left rear view

Tristar - Rear views

Tristar and fleet in upper atmosphere Tristar rear launching from Earth

Tristar launching

Tristar prepping for launch - Top view Technicians prepping Tristar for launch

Tristar prepping for launch

Tristar - Bottom Rear View

Bottom view of Tristar rear

Tristar Main Cannons and SRS-2 Launcher Tristar RT-60

Tristar Main Cannons

Tristar - upperdeck Tristar - Bridge Superstructure
Tristar bridge and RT-60 Tristar main cannon

Tristar - upper deck details

The Tristar with Battles approaching Luna

Tristar approaching Luna with escort of Battles

Tristar fold console

Tristar fold console

Tristar - Oblique view (approach to ram) Tristar ventral view
Tristar main deck Tristar deck cannon
Tristar ramming Mothership

Tristar ramming the Mothership

Tristars and Gremlin in final assault on Motherships Light Cruiser in Final Assault on RM

Pair of Tristars & Gremlin

Tristar lowerside mosaic under construction

Tristar Lowerside mosaic. UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Looks stubby... - RMM)

Tristar with different nose - Side View Tristar with different nose firing
Battle in front and Tristar with different nose firing Tristar variant? - Front Oblique View

Ajax Landing Ship

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