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ATM-05 Saracen
152mm anti-tank missile

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Type : Short range, anti-tank missile.
Service history: 2008-2020, RDF Army
2021-2033, ASC-TC
Length : 1200 mm.
Diameter : 152 mm.
Wingspan : 28 mm.
Weight : 32 kg.
Warhead : Tandem high explosive anti tank (HEAT).
Weight/yield : 5 kg.
Propulsion : Booster/sustainer rocket engine.
Guidance : Combined IIR and passive laser homing.
Speed : Mach 2.1.
Range : 6.3 km.
Platforms : VHT-1 Centaur
History :

The Saracen is fired out the gun tube by a small charge, then the rocket motor fires and carries the missile the rest of the way to it's target.

This missile was adapted from the Rapier A short range ground launched missile of the RDF. It was conceived in 2008 as the main round for the VHT-1 Centaur Veritech hover tank. In comparison to the Rapier, the Saracen had lower speed and range, but increased warhead yield. It had an advanced HEAT warhead for dealing with the heavy armor of main battle tanks, much similar to the warhead of the old Hellfire. The missile had a diameter of 152 mm, so as to be fired from the main gun of the Centaur without the aid of discarding sabots. The range of 6.3 km compared well to conventional tank guns of the time. However, the shaped charge HEAT, warhead did not have quite the hitting power of a full on FSDS-TU Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot - Tungsten, such as that fired from the VHT-2. Also, the guidance system, though better than the Shillelagh which inspired it, was not as reliable as a normal high velocity Sabot round.

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