Historical Essays of the Robotech Period

by Peter Walker with Aubry Thonon, Pieter Thomassen, and Robert Morgenstern

A Brief Description and History of Tirol

Addendum: Tirolian Chronology

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12100 B.C.E. Humans are transplanted to Praxis and Tirol.
11800 B.C.E 'Settlers' vanish. Tirolians scatter over the planet, some carrying agriculture with them, others adopting pastoralism.
11630 B.C.E Traditional date for the birth of Zor'de, first incarnation of the Tirolian deity Fanto, who drove away the enslaving P'tok demons, according to the Tirolian epic Zor'deroma.
6500 B.C.E. First appearance of walled city-states, in De'ver river valley.
5970 B.C.E. Traditional date for the birth of Lanack, third incarnation of the Tirolian deity Fanto, who defeated the armies of the evil god-king Moltok and taught the Dev'erians the art of civilization, according to the ancient Tirolian epic Lanack Estdo're. (1 A.L.)
5800 B.C.E. Writing developed in the Dev'er river valley civilization. (c. 30 A.L.)
4700 B.C.E. Earliest versions of the myths contained in the Lanack Estdo're and Zor'deroma are likely written down. (c. 225 A.L.)
2340 B.C.E Oldest extant fragments of the Lanack Estdo're and Zor'deroma are composed (642 A.L.)
721 B.C.E Ein'liba Empire reaches its furthest extent. (928 A.L.)
301 B.C.E. Ein'liba Empire collapses. (1002 A.L.)
360 C.E. Tiresians emerge as a powerful nation. (1119 A.L.)
450 C.E. Industrial revolution begins in Su'tone. (1135 A.L.)
652 C.E. Tirolians launch first satellite into Tirolian orbit. (1171 A.L.)
668 C.E. Tirolian mathematician and physicist Rogelo Turbin formulates a Superstring Theory of Everything, uniting all four fundamental forces. This result is used to derive a classical General Relativity, and predicts the existence of a six-dimensional hyperspace in addition to four dimensional space-time. Fold drives become a theoretical possibility. (1174 A.L.)
816 C.E. Explorer Tovaal Lureq leads Tirol's first attempt at colonization of the other moons. Their ships, lacking power, cannot escape Fantoma's gravity to explore other planets. (1200 A.L.)
992 C.E. Monopoles are isolated in Fantoma's rings, paving the way for the first fold-drives. (1231 A.L.)
1036 Tirolian civilization develops first fold-capable ship. (1238 A.L.)
1116 Karbarrans first contacted (1252 A.L.)
1131 Ci'Va colonized, mainly by Tirolians of Rilacian origin. (1255 A.L.)
1166 Tirol unites into the Tirolian Republic. Modern Tiresia founded on Tirol near the site of the old city. (0 I.C., 1261 A.L.)
1172 Comprehensive Karbarran-Tirolian trade pact signed. (1262 A.L.)
1274-1306 V'loxian War. (1280-1285 A.L.)
1339 Karbarra severs ties with Tirol, and gives preferred trading status to Ci'Vonia.
1343 Zor discovers Optera and Flower of Life and derives Protoculture from it. (1293 A.L.)
1343-1360 Cloning technologies accelerate at a great pace, thanks to discoveries associated with Protoculture. (1293-1296 A.L.)
1351 Fold drives perfected. (1294 A.L.)
1355 Zentraedi are created. (1295 A.L.)
1361 Robotech Elders overthrow the Tirolian Republic and install the Triumvirate system of Government. (139212 I.C., 1296 A.L.)
1379-1382 Karbarra invaded and conquered by the Zentraedi. (152000-154100 I.C.)
1393 Zentraedi ordered to defoliate Optera. Robotech Empire starts to expand its influence over the Tirolian colonies and other worlds. (161000 I.C.)
1450 Elders and Masters retire to their motherships and live in their new triumvirate clone-society, abandoning Tirol's surface. Invid begin a fold-guerrilla campaign of terror against the Masters' outermost worlds. (202000 I.C.)
1481-1502 Zor retires briefly to Ci'Va to continue his researches and collaborate with Ci'Vonian colleagues. While there, he pseudonymously pens a series of political and philosophical tracts favoring federalist republicanism over the current Imperium. Zor is recalled by the Elders and is severely reprimanded, but his writings strike a chord in the Ci'Vonian people and in the old patrician families on Tirol and elsewhere. Ci'Vonian nationalism blossoms. (224000-239000 I.C.)
1519-1520 The Ci'Vonian crisis begins. The Robotech Masters demand Ci'Va surrender its sovereignty to the Robotech Empire. Ci'Va balks, and a major fleet of Zentraedi warships is sent as a threat. The Zentraedi become contaminated by and enamored with Ci'Vonian culture, and eventually refuse to carry out their orders. When word arrives that an example is to be made of Ci'Va, a third of the planet's population is hurriedly evacuated by their new Zentraedi allies, just as the Grand Fleet arrives to destroy the planet. In all, 500 million Ci'Vonians and 1.7 billion rebel Zentraedi escape into the vastness of space. (250700-251900 I.C.)
1562 The Ci'Vonians, their many Tirolian aristocratic sympathizers and rogue Zentraedi armies, known collectively to the Elders and the Masters as "Zor's Disciples", declare war on the Robotech Empire. The Masters dramatically increase the numbers of loyal Zentraedi to counter the threat. (281412 I.C.)
1590-1790 Caught between the Ci'Vonian War on one front, and the attrition against outlying territories by the Invid, the Robotech Empire begins to show signs of collapse. (301000-450000 I.C.)
1792 A Ci'Vonian fleet arrives on Tirol and launches a massive offensive against the Robotech Empire. The Tirolian patricians, long stifled by the Triumvirates, throw their lot in with the "Disciples of Zor". The Zentraedi loyal to the Empire are insufficient to defend the homeworld, and the Elders and Masters are forced to bring out their Bioroid armies. The Ci'Vonians are driven back, but at great cost. The Tirolian patricians go into exile among the retreating Ci'Vonians. (445000 I.C.)
1800 Elders' empire is broken. Robotech Masters seize reins of power from Elders, who remain on as figureheads. Though the foundations are weakened, an Imperial renaissance begins. (450000 I.C.)
1850 Invid military campaign intensifies, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Ci'Vonian War. (486000 I.C.)
1940 Loyal Zentraedi crush the rebels and are programmed to remember the danger of contact with micronian races. Ci'Vonian stronghold is annihilated by the Zentraedi fleet. Remaining rebel fleet limps away into the darkness, led by surviving Ci'Vonians. Protoculture dangerously low. Imperial renaissance founders because of the power crisis. (545000 I.C.)
1950 Zor sent to seed other worlds with Flower of Life. (553000 I.C.)
Feb, 1999 Zor killed by an Invid ambush on a seeding mission.
Macross is sent to Earth. Invid closing on Imperial core systems. (574300 I.C.)
July, 1999 Zor's battlefortress arrives on Earth.
Sep, 1999 Robotech Masters authorize Dolza to use 'any means necessary' to recapture Zor's Fortress. (574800 I.C.)
Jun 18, 2011 A peace agreement is reached between Macross and Breetai's fleet. Dolza's Grand Fleet arrives in the solar system, leaving the Tirolian Empire virtually undefended. Dolza's fleet is annihilated.
Oct, 2013 Robotech Masters depart Tirol for Earth.
Dec, 2022 Invid invade Tirol, conquering it swiftly.
Jan, 2023 REF arrives in the Valivarre system and begins to liberate Tirol from the Invid.
Jul, 2023 Tiresia Base is completed and staffed by REF troops. Massive relief effort for the Tirolian citizenry begins.
May, 2030 Message arrives on Tirol requesting help from the REF to fight the Masters. The Plenipotentiary Council orders a relief expedition to be sent as soon as possible. Soon after the relief group's departure, Edwards stages a coup on Tirol and holds the Plenipotentiary Council and the General Staff hostage.
Nov, 2030 The Sentinels and the Opteran Expedition return to Tirol and the combined loyalists rout Edwards' forces. Edwards is killed. Plenipotentiary Council and REF are asked by Tirol's citizenry to administrate their world.
May, 2033 Marcus Antonius returns to Tirol, loaded with 175,000 triumvirate clone refugees.

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