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Light Body Armor

Zentraedi Seal
Light Body Armor
ArmorWeapon Separator

NOTE: The average Zentraedi stands 9.5 meter tall and weighs approximately 14 tons.


Immunity from hand-fired solids and and energy beams, shrapnel, and other fragments. Very limited protection from heavier weaponry, adequate only up to 12.7mm AP machine gun shells and comparative weapons. This armor is only built into the Zentraedi light body armor suit, which is a true environment suit, providing good protection against biological and chemical weapons.


All Zentraedi were issued body armor for their combat duties. The light armor package was mainly for light work and duties aboard Zentraedi vessels and bases. It was also worn by pilots of the shuttles and the TSR. Pilots of the power armors and fighter pods relied on an unarmored flight suit.

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