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M-35 Wolverine 4.45mm caseless assault rifle / 40mm grenade launcher

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M-35 Wolverine Assault Rifle
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The Wolverine was designed to be a carbine assault rifle for use as a replacement for the AR-21. Though it had a short barrel, accuracy was improved by the shape of the projectile - which was long and flechette-like - and the high twist ratio of the barrel. Because of the small weight and length of the 4.45mm caseless round, it was extremely unstable as it changed media, causing a level of trauma consistent with much larger calibers. Furthermore, because of the steel-tipped ammunition, it was an extremely effective armor-piercing rifle round as well. To enhance the armor-piercing characteristics, in 2032 a new depleted-uranium flechette employing a more efficient propellant was introduced. This HAPF (Heavy Armor-Piercing Flechette) ammunition was more than capable of perforating all personal armors (including the Invid Malar armor), and was sometimes capable even of penetrating the armor of the Invid Scout, though its effectiveness was dubious. This new ammunition was, however, extremely expensive, and eventually the M-35 gave way to the Gallant as the main infantry weapon of the REF.

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