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Milldiem 458 Model
Submachine Gun

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Note that this file is not meant to be comprehensive, but instead merely illustrative. The Tirolians have produced innumerable arms and armor throughout the centuries, and many can be found still in use. Some designs (and even some weapons) as old as thirteen centuries may be encountered. This file is intended to reflect the most common weapons and armor still in active service in the twenty-first century, when Earth encountered Tirol, and when the dying empire of the Masters finally collapsed.

One of Tirol's most recent additions to its armory, the Milldiem 458 Model (so-called after its date of acceptance on the 458,121st day of the Imperial Calendar), this laser sub-machine gun was an attempt to provide a cheaper, lighter, and less overpowered alternative to the venerable assault rifle, especially for use with unarmored security forces. It was short-ranged, but had a tight, narrow beam that made its penetration of light armors excellent. The weapon combined sustained beam and pulse action to maximize the penetrative qualities of the shot in the early portion of the shot, and the thermic trauma of the final portion. Widely issued only among the motherships' unarmored internal security forces, this weapon did, however, see wide production, and had virtually replaced the Assault Rifle in most para-military uses by the time the Masters' armada arrived at Earth.

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