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T'luaza Milldiem 281 Model
Assault Rifle

Robotech Masters
Assault Rifle
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Note that this file is not meant to be comprehensive, but instead merely illustrative. The Tirolians have produced innumerable arms and armor throughout the centuries, and many can be found still in use. Some designs (and even some weapons) as old as thirteen centuries may be encountered. This file is intended to reflect the most common weapons and armor still in active service in the twenty-first century, when Earth encountered Tirol, and when the dying empire of the Masters finally collapsed.

Dana with Folding Stock variant of Assault Rifle - Ep#56

This powerful and advanced particle beam rifle, called by the Tirolians the T'luaza Milldiem 281 Model after its designer and date of acceptance (281,112 on the Imperial Calendar), was the standard general-purpose arm of the Tirolian military for many centuries. Rugged, reliable, and extremely potent, this weapon was a match for any personal arm Tirol's enemies ever fielded (except Earth's oversized EP-37), though it served as much in the capacity of a police and paramilitary weapon for the clone soldiers occupying client worlds and guarding the Masters' own installations and motherships as a general issue assault rifle. Unlike many energy weapons, this rifle did not use a detachable energy magazine - instead, the entire weapon was one large battery pack, and was recharged in its storage rack. The loss of ability to recharge in the field was not seen as a liability, since this weapon was not commonly used for unsupported infantry, and because of its very large capacity. The battery technology for this weapon is extremely advanced, and no military has been yet able to successfully replicate it, forcing armies like the REF to employ protoculture to directly power its most comparable small arms, like the EP-37 and the Mars Gallant in rifle mode. Unlike most energy weapons, the Tirolian Assault Rifle is capable of fully automatic fire, and numerous variants have appeared, including one with a beam defocusser mounted to the barrel, which allows it to be used to scramble the electronics of its target, occasionally allowing an infantryman to disable (though often only temporarily) unshielded and unsophisticated mecha. There is also versions with stocks and versions with folding stocks for more compact use.

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