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Environmental Armor

Southern Cross Seal
TASC - Male Environmental Armor
TSC - Male Environmental Armor
TC-Marine - Male Officer Environmental Armor
TC-Marsh - Male Environmental Armor
ArmorWeapon Separator

After the introduction of their standard battle-armors, the Southern Cross went on to design decorative armors for those armies needing environmental suits: the Tactical Space Corps, Tactical Armored Space Corps, and the Marine and Marsh Divisions of the Tactical Corps. Like the SCBA-series armor, the SCEA-series armors were distinguished by army and the pilot's gender, and the helmets by rank - officer, non-commissioned officer, and unrated enlisted. Unlike the SCBA-series, however, these armors were completely self-contained, and were capable of supporting the wearer for some time without external support. Additional support was possible through the use of backpacks, and this was necessary for long exposure to hazardous environments.

Like the SCBA-series, the SCEA-series armors fell out of use soon after the Invid occupation of Earth and the destruction of the Southern Cross.

The SCEA-series armors are composed of a plastic-ceramic composite for maximal resistance to penetration and thermic explosive damage for minimal weight. The armor stops most small arms fire and grenade and shell fragments, and provides poor to fair resistance against heavier infantry weapons, such as a 12.7mm machinegun round. The SCBA armor consists of separate leg, arm, torso, and helmet units, and covers the entire body.

The SCEA-series armors have the following features:

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